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At Lamont IT Services, we pride ourselves with being able to help businesses and individuals protected and watch over what is theirs, even when your away.

  • Burglary and Vandalism are the number one reason most people install video cameras. Video cameras often deter criminals from attempting thefts. If there is an incident, such as car keying or graffiti, a well-placed video camera can provide the necessary evidence for Police to arrest and charge the perpetrators.
  • Neighbour and Neighbourhood disputes are another popular reason for Security Surveillance Cameras. Whether or not a recent incident has spurred your desire to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, security cameras can help alleviate any concerns and show you what is taking place in front and behind your home or business. A properly installed outdoor video surveillance camera can record all activity and give insight into what is really going on when you’re not looking.

For more information and to get an installation and service quote, give us a call today. Remember, when you can’t be there to watch over your home or business, a properly installed security system from Lamont IT Services will give you peace of mind you need while away.

Security Cameras

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